Groupon App Review

Groupon App
Groupon App. Screen Capture by S. Shapoff

The Good

  • Includes some pretty good deals
  • Find deals by location
  • Supports Apple Pay
  • Easy to use

The Bad

  • Not available in all cities
  • Relationship between Groupon, users, and businesses can be strained and lead to disappointing or unexpected experiences

Groupon uses the power of group purchasing to help individuals obtain great deals on everything from cooking classes to laser hair removal to sandwiches. It’s not available everywhere, but the Groupon app (free) is a fun and worthy app to add to your iPhone.

What Is Groupon?

Groupon uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS to determine your location and find the city—and deals—nearest you. Different locations will have different numbers of deals, depending on how many businesses in a location are working with Groupon. Expect a huge number of deals in big cities and fewer offerings in rural locations.

When you first launch the Groupon app, you’ll be greeted with the deal of the day, which is only available for a limited time. Depending on the city, multiple deals may be available. The deals could be anything—laser hair removal, cooking classes, discounted yoga classes, helicopter tours. 

Once you find a deal that sounds interesting, you can email it, post it on Facebook, or share it on Twitter. On the detail page, the Groupon app includes a general overview of the deal, the fine print, and information on the provider. You’ll also see how many people have purchased the deal and how much you can save. 

Buying a Groupon

In order to purchase a deal, you’ll need to sign up with Groupon. It only takes a few seconds and you can do it right from the app. You can also purchase the daily deal within the app by entering your credit card information (this data is transmitted over a secure connection, according to Groupon). One warning: please read the fine print of the deal before you buy so you know the cancellation policy, time limits, etc. 

After you purchase a Groupon, it will show up under the My Groupons tab. Some Groupons can’t be redeemed until a certain date, so don’t freak out if it says the deal is still pending. 

A Few Notes Since the Original Review

This review was originally published back on Nov. 10. As you might imagine, a bunch of things about the Groupon app has changed since then.

  • Groupon now supports Apple Pay within the app, so you don't need to put your credit card on file. Just configure Apple Pay instead
  • The app now integrates TripAdvisor reviews of locations and services to give you more information before you buy a Groupon
  • The company now offers a handful of separate apps dedicated to specific topics: Groupon Getaways for travel; Groupon Merchant for businesses selling Groupons; Snap by Groupon, an online shopping app that promises discounts based on the group-shopping power of Groupon
  • This review was originally written during the initial excitement around Groupon's early days. Since then, when there was a frenzy of enthusiasm, some of the buzzes around the company has faded. This has been partly due to dissatisfaction from businesses who use the service and disappointment from some end users who have bought Groupons. Because Groupon users often are not profitable for businesses, sometimes users can get less-than-ideal service
  • Despite these issues, the app remains very highly rated: a 4.5-star average rating all time, based on over 400,000 reviews.

    The Bottom Line

    I’ve only been using the Groupon app for a few days and it has already saved me money on an online purchase I was planning to make anyway. You can save even more if you use the app regularly. It’s a fantastic idea and a well-executed app that is a snap to use. If Groupon is available in your area, I recommend you download this app ASAP. 

    What You’ll Need

    The Groupon app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It requires iOS 8 or later.