How to Group Objects in Google Slides

When your objects are grouped, head to the Arrange menu to ungroup them

What to Know

  • Select the objects you want to group, then click Arrange > Group
  • To ungroup: select the group, then click Arrange > Ungroup
  • If you can’t group, make sure you have multiple selected and that they are objects that can be grouped.

This article explains how to group objects together in Google Slides and, if you change your mind, how to ungroup in Slides as well.

How to Group on Google Slides

Grouping is a useful feature in Google Slides that allows you to handle multiple objects or elements at once by placing them in a group. This is a reversible operation, so you can always ungroup the objects later if you change your mind or make a mistake.

Here’s how to group objects in Google Slides:

  1. Open your presentation, and select the objects you want to group.

    Selected objects highlighted in Google Slides.

    You can click and drag to select multiple objects, or press shift then click individual objects.

  2. Click Arrange.

    Arrange highlighted in Google Slides, with several objects selected.
  3. Click Group.

    Group selected in Google Slides.

    You can also press CTRL+ALT+G on Windows or CMD+ALT+G on Mac, or right click and select Group.

  4. The objects are now grouped, so you can move and manage them as a unit.

How to Ungroup Objects in Google Slides

If you accidentally added too many objects, or you just don’t need the group anymore, you can ungroup objects in Google Slides at any time. The objects will retain any changes made to them while they were in the group, but ungrouping allows you to move and alter the objects independently from one another.

Here’s how to ungroup objects in Google Slides:

  1. Open your presentation, and select a group of objects.

    Selecting a group of objects in Google Slides.
  2. Click Arrange.

    Arrange highlighted in Google Slides.
  3. Click Ungroup.

    Ungroup highlighted in Google Slides.

    You can also press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+G on Windows or CMD+ALT+SHIFT+G on Mac, or right click and select Ungroup.

  4. The objects are now ungrouped.

What Is Grouping in Google Slides?

Grouping is a feature in Google Slides that allows you to handle a number of objects or elements at once. When you group elements together, you can move the group around and each element will remain in position relative to the other elements. Moving a group works the same as moving objects in Google Slides, and you can also resize, rotate, and alter the group in other ways, but the individual elements are still there and you can remove them from the group at any time. This is useful if you want to change the size of several objects at the same time and then move them individually afterward.

Why Can’t I Group Objects in Google Slides?

If you can’t group objects in Google Slides because the group objects option is grayed out, there are a couple of potential causes. This option is only available if multiple objects are selected, so make sure all of your objects are selected. If you click multiple objects without holding shift, only the last object you clicked will remain selected. The group option is also grayed out if the objects are already grouped. If the ungroup option isn’t grayed out, that means the objects are currently grouped already.

The other reason which can cause the group option to be grayed out could be some objects can’t be grouped together. For example, you can’t group an inserted YouTube video with other objects. If you selected your objects by clicking and dragging, try holding shift and clicking individual objects, then checking to see if the group option is grayed every time you select a new object. If for some reason one particular object is causing the problem, you'll be able to identify it and leave it out of the group.

  • How do I add audio to Google Slides?

    To add audio to Google Slides, go to SoundCloud, find the soundtrack you want, select Share, and copy its URL. Select a place on the Google Slide and go to Insert > Link. Paste the link and select Apply.

  • How do I add video to Google Slides?

    To embed a video in Google Slides, select a spot in the slide where you want the video. Go to Insert > Video, navigate to the video, and select it to add it. Or, you can enter the video’s URL. Right-click the video and select Format Options to adjust the video’s size and specifications.

  • How do I add a hanging indent to Google Slides?

    To add a hanging indent to Google Slides, highlight the text. In the ruler area, click and drag the indent control until the text is indented where you want. Select the left indent control and drag it where you want the first line of text to start. When you let go of the left indent control, the hanging indent is created.

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