Learn to Group Conversation Threads in Windows 10 Mail and Outlook

Use email conversations to manage your email threads. Or don't.

You got a reply. That much is clear. However, the message reveals little-quoted text, so who knows exactly what you wrote three months ago. Certainly not you, right?

Windows 10 developers must have had this situation in mind when they made grouping conversations the default in Mail for Windows 10, but some users prefer not to use the conversation feature. Turning the setting on or off is a simple matter that works the same way for Windows Mail and for Outlook Mail for Windows.

Group and Ungroup Conversation Threads in Windows Mail and Outlook

To have Windows Mail and Outlook Mail for Windows 10 arrange messages in conversations or to turn the feature off:

  1. On your Windows 10 computer, go to the bottom of the left navigation bar, and select Settings. (If you access your Windows Mail on a phone or tablet, tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen to open Settings.)

  2. Choose Options.

  3. In the View Settings section, click the slider under Show messages arranged by conversation to move it to the On setting and turn on conversation threads.

  4. Tap the slider when it is in the On position to turn off conversation threads.

Working in Windows 10 Mail

Windows 10 Mail is preconfigured for Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo Mail, and other email clients can be added. It lacks an RSS reader, and users are unable to customize the type and font styles. However, in all other respects, it functions like other email programs—you can send and receive email, make folders for grouping related emails, flag, and archive messages.