What is Grooveshark?

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Note: As of April 2015, the Grooveshark service was discontinued. We've left this information for archive purposes. Take a look at similar online radio stations instead.

What Is Grooveshark?

Grooveshark is an online music search engine that offers free streaming music, sharable playlists, and genre radio stations. Grooveshark was officially launched in 2007. 

It was a free music search engine that offers free streaming media stations, customizable playlists, and upload services to its users.

Grooveshark functions much like an online jukebox, giving users the ability to listen to their favorite songs on demand. Grooveshark fans can take their favorite songs and put them into sortable playlists, which can then be placed (via embeddable widgets) anywhere on the Web: blogs, message boards, Web sites, social networking profiles, etc.

How Grooveshark Works

Grooveshark users simply type the name of a song, artist, or album into the Grooveshark search box. Results return with instantly playable songs, as well as the option to add these songs to a playlist, share with others, or add to a selection of favorites.

Notable Grooveshark features

Grooveshark's most convenient features include:

  • Free, customizable playlists that are portable via an embeddable widget for placement on a personal website, blog, or social networking profile.
  • Genre radio stations available with a wide variety of genre-specific selections.
  • The ability to upload music from a user's home or work computer in order to share with the greater Grooveshark community.

Grooveshark Subscription Services

Grooveshark is free, however, there are subscription services available that remove advertisements and access specialized options.

How to Use Grooveshark

The way that Grooveshark works is fairly simple. Users simply type in the name of an artist, album, or song into the Groovebox search bar. Search results are streamlined, with dozens of possible matches for any one query. For example, a search for "You Were Always On My Mind" returned selections from artists such as Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, and the Pet Shop Boys.

Mousing over any of the search results, you'll see the following:

  • Right-pointing arrow: Basically, this is a play button. Click and the song will become playing within your web browser.
  • A plus sign: This tells you that this song can be added to your personal favorites. You can choose to listen to this song now or later. Once you add it to your favorites, a heart will appear next to the song selection.
  • A check mark: There are several options available here. The song can be added to a playlist, shared with the Grooveshark community as well as several social networking services, or purchased through Amazon or iTunes.

Grooveshark Playlists

One of the most useful Grooveshark features are playlists. In order to create a playlist, simply click on the check mark next to a song and choose which playlist you'd like the song to be added to.

Once you've created a playlist, it appears in the Grooveshark sidebar for easy access. Click on the playlist, and you'll see several playing options: play all, share playlist, delete, rename, etc.

Grooveshark Genre Radio Stations

Grooveshark offers several dedicated genre stations, accessible by clicking "Radio On" or selecting one of the pre-set stations in the Grooveshark sidebar. New stations can be added by clicking New, then Add Station. Station options range from Alternative to Classical to Trance music.

Why Should I Use Grooveshark to Listen to Music?

Grooveshark is free, and offers literally millions of songs to listen to, share, and purchase. It's an easy service to use and customize, and is a great option for free online music.