How to Turn Groove and OneDrive Into a Music Streaming Duo

Stream your personal music collection to any device

OneDrive is a cloud storage service for Microsoft Windows. Learn how to stream your music collection across all your devices using the Groove music player and OneDrive.

Microsoft discontinued support for Groove in 2018, but you can still use the program on Windows 10, Android, or iOS by sideloading the app.

How to Stream Music With Groove and OneDrive

Before you begin, organize your music files into a single folder. To set up music streaming with Groove and OneDrive on Windows 10:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Microsoft account.

  2. Look for a folder named Music. If there is a Music folder listed under Files, skip ahead to step 8. Otherwise, press Windows key+E to open Windows File Explorer.

    Music folder in Windows
  3. Select OneDrive in the left pane of Windows File Explorer.

    OneDrive in File Explorer
  4. Go to the Home tab, select New folder, and name the new folder Music.

    New Folder icon under Home
  5. Right-click the OneDrive icon (the little cloud) in the Windows 10 taskbar, then select Settings.

    If you don't see the OneDrive icon, select the up arrow in the taskbar to reveal more options.

    OneDrive settings
  6. Select the Account tab, then select Choose folders.

    Account > Choose folders
  7. Make sure the box beside Music is checked, then select OK and close the OneDrive settings window.

    Music folder selected
  8. Open the Music folder in your OneDrive and select Upload > Folder.

    Upload > Folder
  9. Choose the folder containing your music files and select Upload.

    After your music collection uploads to OneDrive, you will be able to access it across all your devices.

    Selecting a file to upload
  10. After your music finishes uploading to OneDrive, open Groove. Your music collection will populate the program, and you can stream music.

    Open Groove to start streaming music from your OneDrive.

Streaming Music Via OneDrive on Mobile Devices

If you have the Groove mobile app, sign in with your Microsoft account to stream your music collection from the cloud to your mobile device.

You can also stream music from your OneDrive via Spotify or iTunes using a similar setup.

Limitations of Using OneDrive to Stream Music

Microsoft limits music streaming to 50,000 tracks. You are also limited by how much storage space you have available in OneDrive. Free users have 5 GB of storage, but if you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you get 1 TB of storage space. That's more than enough room to stash 50,000 tracks in addition to your MS Office files and whatever else you need.

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