How to Use GrooVe IP to Make Free Calls on Your Android Device

Make VoIP calls without using your mobile plan

With the GrooVe IP app, you can make free local calls within the U.S. and Canada on your Android smartphone or tablet. These instructions apply to GrooVe IP for Android, but there's also a GrooVe IP app for iOS.

You need to set up a PayPal account and pay a small monthly fee to reserve a GrooVe IP phone number.

How to Set Up GrooVe IP for Free Calling

Follow these steps to start making calls on your Android device:

  1. Download GrooVe IP from the Google Play Store.

  2. Launch the app and tap Get Started.

  3. Fill out the registration form, then check your email and follow the link to verify your account and log in to the GrooVe IP Portal.

    GrooVe IP app Get Started and Registration
  4. Select Balance in the GrooVe IP portal.

    Balance in the GrooVe IP portal
  5. Select a payment option under Add Funds (PayPal, PayPal Credit, or PayPal debit card).

    Add Funds in the GrooVe IP portal
  6. Search for your area code to find a number you want and select Purchase Number.

    Purchase in the GrooVe IP portal

    If you aren't automatically prompted to search for a phone number, select Numbers on the left side of the portal page.

  7. Launch the GrooVe IP app on your phone and tap Login.

  8. Enter your email and password, then allow the app permission to access your contacts.

  9. Tap a contact to make a call, or tap the dial pad.

    Login, Allow, and Dial Pad in the GrooVe IP app

You must be connected to Wi-Fi to make calls.

Is GrooVe IP Really Free?

Although GrooVe IP advertises itself as a free service, you must pay a small monthly fee for a GrooVe IP phone number. You'll get 45 text messages and 10 minutes of free outgoing calls every month. After that, you'll need to purchase minutes.

What You Need to Use GrooVe IP

The technical requirements for using GrooVe IP are minimal:

  • A smartphone or tablet that runs Android 2.1 or later.
  • A mobile data plan or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use a mobile data plan, but then your calls won't actually be free. A home Wi-Fi network is ideal.

GrooVe IP needs to be running permanently on your device if you want to use it to receive calls. This will consume some additional battery charge.

Why Use GrooVe IP?

Google Voice allows you to ring multiple phones through one phone number that it provides. Gmail calling allows free calls, but not on mobile devices. GrooVe IP adds VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to the setup, bringing these assets into one feature and allows you to use your free Wi-Fi connection to make and receive calls.

In this way, you can make unlimited calls to any number in the U.S. and Canada and receive calls from anyone in the world, all without using your mobile phone plan's voice minutes. This will not prevent you from using your phone as you normally do.

Calls you make with GrooVe IP are free only to numbers within the U.S. and Canada. Emergency calls (i.e. 911) are not available with the system.

How to Link Your Google Voice Number to GrooVe IP

You can use your Google Voice account to receive calls on your phone. Google Voice service is not available outside the U.S. The setup described here will benefit you even if you are outside the U.S., but you need to create the Google Voice account from within the U.S.

  1. Go to and register for a number if you don't have one, then select the Settings Gear.

    Settings Gear on the Google Voice website
  2. Select + New linked number under Account, then enter your GrooVe IP number.

    New linked number on the Google Voice website
  3. Select Calls in the left menu, then select the toggle next to your GrooVe IP number under Call forwarding to enable it.

    Calls and Call forwarding toggle on the Google Voice website
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