Gretchen Siegchrist

Gretchen Siegchrist's passion for video production developed early. She remembers--with a bit of embarassment--the Sesame Street spoofs that she and her sisters would create using their grandmother's clunky VHS video camera. Now Gretchen uses smaller, lighter digital equipment, but still has just as much fun recording and editing movies.


Gretchen is the founder and creative director of Video4Good, a full service video consulting and production company based in Western Massachusetts. Video4Good works with businesses, institutions and individuals across the globe on web videos for marketing and promotion. Video4Good also has a special interest in corporate responsibility and sustainability, and has produced hundreds of video interviews with sustainability leaders across all industries.

Gretchen's videos have been shown everywhere from the boardroom to the big screen. Her documentary, The Barber Farm, has been screened and won awards at film festivals in the United States and Canada.


Gretchen earned a B.A. from New York University and a Master's in video production from Suffolk University in Boston.

Gretchen Siegchrist

"The exciting thing about the digital revolution we are now in the midst of, is that it's becoming easier and easier to create and access high-quality videos. Every day we're seeing new software and web sites to help beginners make and use video. But even though the technology is out there, many people are still intimidated and unsure of how to use it. I love to guide people through the basics of desktop video and show them how easy it can be to use video in their creative and professional endeavors."

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