Greg Scoblete

Gregory Scoblete is a freelance writer who has been covering camcorders and consumer electronics for a variety of print and web publications since 1999. His passion for video and imaging began much earlier, with a bulky VHS camcorder he helped lug around with his dad during family vacations.


Gregory has covered video and digital imaging technologies for both popular and professional audiences in print and online. His work has been featured in Consumers Digest Magazine, Digital Photographer, Studio Photography & Design, and Camcorder & Computer Video Magazine.


Gregory holds a degree in history from Rutgers College.

Greg Scoblete

We frequently lose sight of the fact that technology lives to serve us, not vice versa. You buy a camcorder to preserve priceless memories that will stay in your family for generations. Capturing and preserving those memories, not fiddling with confusing technology, is the name of the game.

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