Great Uses for Google Street View

Getting the Most Out of Street View

Google Street View is a great way to check out an intersection.
Image of Google Street View.

Google Street View is a fun tool that can be used to check out your house, walk down your street, check out various cities or even take a virtual vacation. But its uses go beyond just entertaining yourself when you are bored. There are a number of great uses for Google Street View.

Google Street View is a part of Google Maps. If you aren't as familiar with it, you might want to take a quick course on how to use Google Maps first.

Otherwise, let's check out some of the great uses for Google Street View.

Check out Your Destination

Sometimes the address alone is not enough to find your destination, especially if you are headed to a store in a busy shopping center or a crowded intersection. Using Google Street View, you can get a good look at the area and spot your destination at your leisure, rather than hoping to spot it as you drive past in your car.

Look for Landmarks and Check out the Route

In addition to getting a good look at the exact location of your destination, you can also look for landmarks to help you get there. Unfamiliar with an intersection? Check it out before you hop in the car. Find out what buildings or fast food restaurants are nearby that will let you know you are coming up on the intersection.

Check out a Restaurant or Hotel

Whether you are scoping out an area of your city that you aren't as familiar with or you are planning a vacation, Google Street View can let you actually see the restaurant or hotel, so you can see if it is in a good neighborhood or if it looks old and rundown. You can also check out what is nearby, if there are any good shopping locations, and how far it is away from the beach, amusement park, etc.

Check out a House & Neighborhood from a Real Estate Listing

The one thing to remember about those pictures on a real estate website is that they are designed to sell the house. Google Street View will give you an unbiased look at the house, and it will let you check out the entire neighborhood. Is the nearest park in walking distance? How busy is the closest intersection?

Look for Good Parking

Whether you are going out to eat or headed to see a band play in a club, parking can sometimes be an issue. Every city has locations that simply don't have great parking. With Google Street View, you can scope out the area and look for promising areas that might provide great parking.

Check out Your Old Hangouts and Childhood Home

We all get nostalgic sometimes. I can still remember returning to my old neighborhood to find the field behind our house has been turned into a huge residential development. But, you don't have to drive all the way out there now. If the area is covered by Street View, you can get nostalgic from the comfort of your own home.

Check out a Location for a Painting or Drawing

Google Street View can be a blessing for an artist. Whether you want to draw a casino on the Las Vegas strip or you just want to get some inspiration by checking out a downtown area, Street View can let you gaze at the landscape and draw until your heart's content even if it is pouring down rain outside.