7 Great Twitter Mashups

Experience tweets on Twitter in a whole new way

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Twitter mashups use the Twitter API to create a unique application that displays Twitter data in useful and interesting ways. This is accomplished by either combining the Twitter data with information from another website (such as Google Maps) or by organizing and presenting the data according to specific parameters.  

The following Twitter mashups represent the best and most unique ways that Twitter data has been used. Some of these mashups may aid in statistical research methods while others are strictly for entertainment.

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Emoji Tracker: See Real-Time Counts of Emojis on Twitter

A screenshot of EmojiTracker.com.

Ever wondered just how many emoji are being tweeted at this very moment and which ones are the most popular?

Emoji Tracker is "an experiment in real-time visualization" that gathers all emoji data from Twitter to show to you just how many emoji are being tweeted right now. You can literally see the numbers go up right before your eyes.

Emojis are also all shown in numerical order so you can see which ones are the most popular.

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One Million Tweet Map: See How Many Tweets Are Coming in And From Where

A screenshot of OneMillionTweetMap.com.

One Million Tweet Map shows you a world map of incoming tweets as they happen in their respective geographical locations. You can zoom in on a specific location for a closer look by clicking on any tweet count on the map.

There's also a keyword filter and a hashtag filter in the left sidebar you can use to search for specific terms. If you want to save your searches, you can create an account by selecting Sign In in the top right to sign in via Facebook, Twitter or Google.

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Tweetping: Create Your Own Real-Time Tweet Map for Your Brand

A screenshot of Tweetping.net.

Tweetping does virtually the exact same thing that the One Million Tweet Map does, only with different graphics. This mashup also allows brands to create their own maps so they can visualize tweets coming in around the world for their event, topic or brand.

See tweets flash right before you as they light up all over the world map according to where they're coming from. You'll see a summary of those tweets in the bottom left corner.

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That Can Be My Next Tweet!: Get Tweet Suggestions Based Off Your Personality

A screenshot of Yes.ThatCan.Be.

Not sure what your next tweet should be? Well, this is one simple tool that might be able to help.

As soon as you enter your Twitter username, it analyzes the tweets you've already posted and generates a new one using jumbled up words and phrases based on your existing tweets. The results are pretty funny!

Try it a few times to see what you get. 

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Twistori: Read a Stream of Tweets Based on What People Are Feeling

A screenshot of Twistori.com.

Twistori is an interesting little tool that lets you see a stream of incoming tweets that include only the following six words: love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish. You can't see just any word you want, but that's the arguably one of the nicest parts about it—it's very simple.

Tweets float up automatically over a black background with the main word (love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish) highlighted in a bright color . Simply click any word on the left side and you'll see the tweets containing that word start appearing on your screen.

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Portwiture: Transform Your Twitter Presence Into a Photo Stream

A screenshot of Portwiture.com.

Portwiture is a fun and simple tool that asks you to connect to your Twitter account so that it can take a look at your most recent tweets.

Based on those tweets, Portwiture will then pull a few keywords from them and use them to find corresponding photos on Flickr. What you get in the end is a grid of photography that are visual representations of your tweets.

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Sentiment Viz: Visualize Keywords Used on Twitter As Sentiments

A screenshot of NCSU.edu.

This unique tool built by NC State University allows you to input a keyword and view it in a scatter plot according to sentiment—an estimate of the tweeter's emotion that was interpreted. You can hover your cursor over a circle to read the tweet.

In addition to sentiments, you can also use this tool to see tweets about common topics, sentiments by heat map, common words as tag clouds and more. Use the tabs at the top of the graph to switch between different data displays.

Article updated by: Elise Moreau