7 Great Twitter Mashups

Check Out These Cool Apps That Bring a Whole New Experience to Twitter

Twitter mashups use the Twitter API to create a unique application. This is accomplished by either combining the Twitter data with information from another website such as Google Maps or by presenting the data in a unique way.

These great Twitter mashups represent the best and most unique ways that Twitter data has been used to create a unique experience. Most of these mashups are more for entertainment and others may serve a specific purpose, but each is among the best of the best.

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Twitter Bird
Photo © Hiroshi Watanabe / Getty Images

Ever wondered just how many emoji are being tweeted at this very moment? Emoji Tracker is "an experiment in real-time visualization" that gathers all emoji data from Twitter to show to you just how many emoji are being tweeted right now. You can literally see the numbers go up right before your eyes. They're also all shown in numerical order, so you can see which ones are the most popular. More »

One Million Tweet Map shows you a world map of incoming tweets as they happen in their respective geographical locations. You can zoom in on a specific location for a closer look. There's also a keyword filter and a hashtag filter in the left sidebar you can use to search for specific terms. 

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Tweetping does virtually the exact same thing that the One Million Tweet map does, only with different graphics. See tweets flash right before you as they light up all over the world map according to where they're coming from. The application starts tracking these incoming tweets as soon as you open the page, so you'll see a summary of those tweets in the bottom left corner. More »

Not sure what your next tweet should be? Well, this is one simple tool that may be able to help. As soon as you enter your Twitter username, it analyzes the tweets you've already posted and generates a new one using jumbled up words and phrases based on your existing tweets. The results are pretty funny!

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Twistori is an interesting little tool that lets you see a stream of incoming tweets that include the words love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish. Perhaps the most interesting part of it is the colorful and simple way it's displayed. Simply click any word on the left side and you'll see the tweets containing that word start appearing on your screen. More »

Somewhat similar to Twistori, Visible Tweets lets you view incoming tweets in a very visual way. All you have to do is type in a keyword or phrase and the tool will begin displaying animations of individual tweets according to what you're looking for. You'll notice the background color change and the text move in some really interesting ways as each tweet appears and disappears.

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Portwiture is a pretty cool and simple tool that asks you to connect to your Twitter account first so that it can take a look at your most recent tweets. Based on those tweets, Portwiture will then pull a few keywords from them and use them to find corresponding photos on Flickr. What you get in the end is a grid of photography that are visual representations of your tweets.

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