Seven Great New Android Games on July 7th

One of the best days for Android gaming in a long time.

 July 7th, 2016 should go down as one of the best days for Android gaming in recent memory. A whole bunch of interesting games have either made their debut on mobile or finally released on Android for the first time. No matter what, Android gamers have some great new games to play. And in keeping with the theme of these games releasing on 7/7, here' 7 great games to check out on July 7th.

Final Fantasy VII for Android
Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII for Android. Square Enix

Why not start off with the game with 7 in the title? This is arguably the most notable RPG of all time, as a massive marketing campaign and production values that few other games had ever had, to go along with many iconic moments made this latest in Square Enix (then Squaresoft)'s long-running RPG series reach a critical mass in the west that it never had before. The series was already rather notable in Japan, but millions of new RPG fans were awakened by what this game did. After ports to PC and later iOS, Android players can finally dig into the mobile version of this classic. It's almost 20 years old at this point, and few PlayStation-era games stand the test of time. Particularly, what was once spectacle now seems quaint with two decades of advances in computer graphics. But, this is still a solid JRPG at its core.

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Titan Quest
Hack 'n slash Titan Quest for Android. DotEmu

Speaking of old games being reborn, Titan Quest by Iron Lore Entertainment has finally been brought to Android by DotEmu, several weeks after the iOS version. This Diablo-style hack-and-slash game takes place in the era of Olympians, with the human protagonist helping to fight off a Titan invasion. The production values were sizable for the time, with Randall Wallace, screenwriter for Braveheart, brought in to do the story and script. Dotemu is well-known for their ports of games to mobile, largely NeoGeo games, but they put a lot of work in to ensure that this title adapted well to mobile. Fans of more pure Diablo-style hack-and-slash games will want to play this, as it's a paid game with no in-app purchases at launch (though an expansion pack does exist for the game on PC, and it's possible that it could come to mobile) in an age where many hack-and-slash games are cookie-cutter free-to-play affairs. Even Torchlight is going to be free-to-play when it hits mobile, so this might be the best you get.

Super Stickman Golf 3
The new Super Stickman Golf game from Noodlecake. Noodlecake Games

Noodlecake Games is quite well known for their publishing efforts, especially on Android where they've helped to bring games like Alto's Adventure to the platform. So their name is on many games where their role was often in porting, marketing, support, and other publisher duties. But the studio started as a game developer, and the game that put them on the map was Super Stickman Golf. This 2D golfing game combined interesting physics effects with wacky powerups, challenging courses, and fun multiplayer modes to make for a great time. The third game in the 'Super' series adds a spin mechanic to the game that makes all sorts of new shots possible, but the courses are more challenging than ever to deal with this too! Otherwise, this game is familiar but still a ton of fun. The new multiplayer modifiers make for some intense matchups in the synchronous race mode, and asynchronous play is still great to pick up and play.

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Pokemon GO
Screenshot of Pokemon GO by Niantic. Niantic

 While the rollout of this one has been a bit confusing, most Asian and North American players can play this geolocation-based Pokemon game developed by Niantic, known for making Ingress with Google. This one has you traveling to different real-world locations, trying to catch Pokemon that exist only in those certain landmarks. As well, certain Pokemon gyms start to open up at various spots, too. So, you're going to have to get out and explore in order to become the best Pokemon master you can be. This game is likely best if you live in a dense, walkable city as opposed to a more sprawling, driving area. If you're in the suburbs, good luck – early on, some players are struggling to find landmarks to catch Pokemon at, much less dealing with the server issues. Just don't confuse it with the GO series of games from Square Enix Montreal.

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Badland 2
Badland 2 for Android screenshot. Frogmind/Cheetah Mobile

 This one should be exciting on paper, as the first Badland is a fantastic one-touch platformer where you essentially flap through levels, Flappy Bird style. The sequel is perhaps the most literal interpretation of adding "2" to a game's name, as the action now uses two buttons to ​flap, allowing for new challenges with different lateral direction. It's a great addition, and the iOS version was similarly well received as the original. The problem for Android gamers is that the sequel is a more traditional free to play game, with currency to earn, as ported over by Chinese publisher Cheetah Mobile. The original was free to download with various permanent unlocks, but a new publisher is on board with Badland 2. Perhaps piracy or poor financial performance was to blame. But still, this is worth checking out, and understanding why some games are free-to-play.

Out There Chronicles
Interactive fiction game Out There Chronicles for Android. Mi-Clos Studio

 Mi-Clos Studio made one of the best narrative-style roguelikes in recent memory with Out There, and they're looking to expand their collection of games that they've been working on. If the space survival and resource management of Out There was too much for you, then this game, which tells an interactive fiction story in the universe of the game, might be more your speed, as it introduces some characters into a world that was otherwise sparse with humans. Mi-Clos is tackling a lot of interesting upcoming titles with Void & Meddler, The Sigma Theory, and Antioch all in the works as well, so it's great to see this publisher-and-developer releasing some new interesting games.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols
Clicker RPG Crusaders of the Lost Idols screenshot for Android. Kongregate

This hit PC clicker-RPG hybrid has become popular thanks in large part to it featuring interesting strategic decisions to make to go along with the frantic clicking and idle generation aspects that these games often employ. Clickers and other idle games are rapidly springing up in greater quantities, but the games starting to advance beyond Cookie Clicker and into some deeper experiences is promising to see.