6 Great Book Social Networks

A List of Social Networks Every Book Lover Should Check Out

Most book lovers share two things in common: (1) the love of a great book and (2) sharing that book with friends. From book clubs to reading groups, social networking has always played a part in the avid reader's life. It is no surprise this love has gone digital.

Book social networks are those focused on reading and sharing books with others through book lists and reviews. Not only are these book-based social networks a great way to share good books, they're also an excellent way to find new books to read.


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The goal of Goodreads is to help users find great books to read by suggesting new books based on titles they've read already or according to what their friends are reading. It's also about avoiding bad books -- or books that simply wouldn't suit a particular reader. As a booklover's social network, Goodreads allows you to build a list of books, rate and review those books and find out what your friends are reading.


Part of Amazon, Shelfari is a social network devoted to creating a global community of book lovers by encouraging users to discuss and share their favorite books with friends and strangers. By allowing users to build a virtual bookshelf, Shelfari creates a great visual interface for sharing great books. Like Goodreads, users can also rate and review books they've read.


Any avid reader will find LibraryThing to be a great way to organize their reading list. The book platform acts as an easy to use, library-style catalog with a community of almost two million members. You can catalog books directly from Amazon, the Library of Congress and over a thousand other libraries. You can even use it to catalog your movies and music if you want as well.


BookCrossing is a book-based social network where members release books back into the public by leaving them on park benches, at the gym or at school. One part social network and one part social experiment, BookCrossing lets you participate in giving back to the world of literature by passing on your favorite books. It's a fun and interesting way to follow your book as it travels around your area, across the country or maybe even to the other side of the world!


Reader2 is a book social network that allows you to tag your books with a keyword and categorize them any way you want. You can interact with friends, display your book lists on your own blog and discuss books with other readers. One great feature of Reader2 is the ability to recommend a book based on another title. This works by matching up similar keywords used to describe the book and generating a list based on those keyword matches.


Revish is a social network primarily made for reading and writing book reviews. Not only can you write reviews of your favorite books, you can also create a journal of the books you have read. And by using the Revish API and the provided widgets, you can also share your book list on your blog or on your social media profiles. The platform also has groups you can join to discuss your favorite books, genres and anything else related to reading. 

Updated by: Elise Moreau