The Best Baseball Games for Android

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The 2020 MLB season is sure to bring plenty of surprises and thrilling moments to go along with the ups and downs of the daily nature of the game. Baseball isn't a sport that you get excited about a big theatrical spectacle once a week like football; it's a part of your life. Thankfully, if just watching the sport isn't enough for you, there​ are a couple of great games to play and enjoy on Android for your baseball fix.

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RBI Baseball 19

RBI Baseball 16 Android
MLB Advanced Media
What We Like
  • Continues a popular game franchise.

What We Don't Like
  • Pretty simplified approach to baseball.

  • Bland graphics and visuals.

  • No commentary or replays.

MLB Advanced Media revived the classic RBI Baseball franchise a few years ago, making a 3D game that was very faithful to the classic gameplay while updating the look and features for modern MLB. The game is still a matter of taste as to whether you enjoy it for its very simplified take on baseball. For example, all pitchers have a fastball, a slower pitch that can be used as a splitter or slider, and a devastating, knuckling, drop ball. And the hitting controls are still about moving around in the box, holding down or up to influence a fly ball or ground ball on contact. Real pitching repertoires and hitters that look like they do in real life are not to be found here. Prince Fielder has literally never been skinnier than he is in this game.

However, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and this game does a great job at keeping the RBI Baseball memory alive. It's easy enough to pick up and play for anyone. And the game is getting to be a better, more cohesive product on a yearly basis. Heck, this is the first year that the game has actually released at the same time as the console versions. The visuals are improving, all the stadiums represent their real-world equivalents, and the game generally just feels like it's gotten a sheen of polish that takes it from being a fun diversion to something worth coming back to as an entertaining baseball game.

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Super Mega Baseball

Super Mega Baseball
Metalhead Software
What We Like
  • Humorous take on baseball.

  • Fun pitching system.

What We Don't Like
  • Music can become tiresome.

  • Repetitive cut scenes.

A true simulation like MLB The Show isn't coming to mobile unless Sony includes it as part of their mobile release plans. But Super Mega Baseball doesn't need an MLB license to be fun. It lies somewhere between RBI Baseball and The Show in terms of being arcade or simulation, while still being an excellent game, and well-regarded in both this Extra Innings and its original incarnation

It definitely feels like a simpler take on baseball, but without stripping away anything t. You have 8 different pitches per pitcher to use, and there's a variety of windups that each pitcher has. The pitch throwing and selection works quite well, though if you have a vibrating controller it works better as you can feel when you're on the edge of the strike zone in local multiplayer. You can do simple swings or a unique power-based timing swing that requires some practice but is really clever. It's a game that strikes the balance quite well between being simple and accessible while having depth.

The game also takes advantage of its fantasy scenario. The teams have women players and designs that are exaggerated and entertaining. The feel and look of the game are grounded yet heightened, striking that perfect balance that permeates this game. It's one of the best baseball games ever, and you ought to play it. Only catch: you need a Shield TV to play it right now. Hopefully, it comes to all Android devices, or even just all Android devices while requiring controllers because everyone ought to play this amazing baseball game.