What Is the Hot Coffee Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

All about the secret adults-only mini-game in GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

Rockstar Games 

It's no secret that every game in the Grand Theft Auto series is filled with graphic violence and adult language, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a mini-game that caused so much controversy developers had to remove it from the final product. Nonetheless, gamers can still access the hidden content with the infamous Hot Coffee Mod for GTA: San Andreas.

The Hot Coffee mod is only available for the PlayStation 2, original Xbox, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

What Does the Hot Coffee Mod Do in GTA: San Andreas?

Hot Coffee is the name of a mini-game in which players can perform virtual sex acts. Although Hot Coffee cannot be accessed during normal gameplay, the developers left the code for the mini-game in early releases of the game.

The first Hot Coffee mod was released in 2005, which enabled players to access the mini-game in the PC edition of GTA: San Andreas. Installing the Hot Coffee mod on Xbox requires the use of a modchip. To play Hot Coffee in the PlayStation 2 version, enter the appropriate cheat codes with the Action Replay or Gameshark hacking utilities.

If your copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was manufactured on or after the fourth quarter of 2005, then the Hot Coffee content has been removed. If you have an updated PC version of the game, the mods won't work because a patch has been released that disables the code.

What Is the Hot Coffee Mini-Game in GTA?

The Hot Coffee mod adds another set of missions that revolve around the dating life of the main character, CJ. CJ can have up to six girlfriends, and improving his relationships with each one eventually leads to the bedroom. At the end of a successful date, CJ's girlfriend will ask if he'd like to come in for coffee, and a sexually explicit mini-game ensues.

By dating your girlfriends, you earn special upgrades for weapons and vehicles. Without the Hot Coffee mod, you'll hear some noises and see the house from the exterior while CJ and his girlfriend have coffee.

How Graphic Is the Content in the Hot Coffee Mod?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas originally received a Mature rating from the ESRB (Electronic Software Ratings Board), but the rating was changed to Adult Only after the Hot Coffee mod was released. There's nothing to see except some pixelated characters going through the motions of intercourse, but hackers have created their own uncensored Hot Coffee mods that are more graphic.

The GTA franchise is no stranger to controversy in gaming. Parents, lawyers, and politicians have long blamed GTA and its developers for crimes committed by youth, so the negative response to Hot Coffee was to be expected. Interestingly, there have been plenty of nude patches for other games, such as Dead Or Alive and The Sims, and BMX XXX features full nudity.