Grand Theft Auto PC Cheat Codes

Cheats and codes for the original PC version of Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto
Take-Two Interactive

The list below represents all of the available cheat codes for the original Grand Theft Auto video game on the PC. To use the codes, simply enter one of the cheat codes as a character name.

10x Point Multiplier
Cheat code: heart of gold

10x Point Multiplier
Cheat code: hate machine

9,999,999 Points
Cheat code: itcouldbeyou

99 Lives
Cheat code: satanlives

All Levels
Cheat code: nineinarow

All Levels And Cities
Cheat code: super well

All Stages
Cheat code: itsgallus

Disable Massive Cursing
Cheat code: iamnotgarypenn

Enable Massive Cursing
Cheat code: iamgarypenn

Get 99 Ammo For All Guns
Cheat code: buckfast, then press *

No Police
Cheat code: iamthelaw

No Police Presence
Cheat code: stevesmates

Start With All Weapons And Power-Ups
Cheat code: suckmyrocket

Unlimited Lives
Cheat code: itstantrum

Unlimited Lives
Cheat code: 6031769

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