'Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony' Cheat Codes for PC

Remove the wanted level, spawn vehicles, get weapons, and more

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"Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony" is available as part of one of two expansion packs in ​"Grand Theft Auto IV,"​ the 11th video game in the "Grand Theft Auto" series by Rockstar North.

This game is available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The following cheat codes work for the PC version of "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony."

Cheats for "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony" are entered by dialing numbers into the in-game cell phone (press Up twice in a row to display the phone's keypad).​ Cheats that have been entered previously can be activated at any time via the cheats menu within the cell phone.

'GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony' Cheat Codes

  • Akuma (Bike): 625-555-0200
  • APC (Tank): 272-555-8265
  • Buzzard (Helicopter): 359-555-2899
  • Change Weather: 468-555-0100
  • Floater (Boat): 938-555-0150
  • Health and Armour1: 362-555-0100
  • Health, Armor and Advanced Weapons1: 482-555-0100
  • Parachute: 359-555-7272
  • Raise Wanted Level: 267-555-0150
  • Remove Wanted Level: 267-555-0100
  • Sniper Rifle Bullets Explode: 486-555-2526
  • Spawn Annihilator Helicopter2: 359-555-0100
  • Spawn Bullet GT: 227-555-9666
  • Spawn Cognoscenti Car: 227-555-0142
  • Spawn Comet Car: 227-555-0175
  • Spawn Jetmax: 938-555-0100
  • Spawn NRG-900 Motorcycle: 625-555-0100
  • Spawn Sanchez Motorcycle: 625-555-0150
  • Spawn Super GT Car: 227-555-0168
  • Spawn Turismo Car: 227-555-0147
  • Spawn FIB Buffalo Car: 227-555-0100
  • Super Punch (exploding punches)3: 276-555-2666
  • Vader (Bike): 625-555-3273
  • Weapons (Advanced, New Weapons)4: 486-555-0100
  • Weapons (Poor)5: 486-555-0150

1) The cheat codes used to get full health and armour in GTA 4 will also repair a vehicle if you're in the vehicle while entering the code.

2) When you spawn the helicopter, it locks the achievements Walk Free, One Man Army, and Cleaned the Mean Streets.

3) The cheat for exploding punches deactivates if you start a mission, get arrested, or die.

4) The advanced weapons pack in GTA 4 gives you a knife, .44 pistol, auto shotgun with explosive rounds, assault SMG, advanced sniper rifle, advanced MG, sticky bombs, and grenade launcher. Activating this cheat locks the Cleaned the Mean Streets achievements.

5) The second weapons pack cheat code is for getting a knife, pistol, pump shotgun, micro-SMG, assault rifle, combat sniper, RPG, and Molotov cocktails. Activating this cheat locks the Cleaned the Mean Streets achievements.

'GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony' Unlockables

  • .44 in Safehouse: Complete 10 gang wars
  • Advanced MG in Safehouse: Complete 20 gang wars
  • Explosive Shotgun in Safehouse: Complete 30 gang wars
  • Gold SMG in Safehouse: Complete 50 gang wars
  • Golden Buzzard: Beat the game to unlock a Golden Buzzard on a heliport over the Booth Tunnel
  • NOOSE APC at Construction Site: Kill all 50 seagulls
  • Parachute in Safehouse: Complete 15 base jumps
  • Remove Ammo Cap: Achieve 100% completion
  • Sticky Bombs in Safehouse: Complete 40 gang wars
  • Yellow Super Drop Diamond Outside Yusef's Apartment: Complete Yusuf Amir's missions