Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS3

A young man plays Grand Theft Auto IV on the game's day of release
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Grand Theft Auto IV is the fourth installment of the Grand Theft Auto action-adventure video game series published by Rockstar Games. The car-racing game follows the exploits of Niko Bellic as he battles loan sharks, mobsters and others in Liberty City, a virtual world loosely based on New York.

Having cheats can help you assist Niko use guns, other weapons and, of course, a car to fend off the bad guys as he tries to survive in Liberty City. Below are cheats that you can use on the PlayStation 3 video game console.

PS3 Cheat Codes

Cell Phone Passwords
At any time during the game, pull out Niko's phone and dial these numbers for the desired effect.
Note that cheats will affect missions and entitlements.

Change weather
Cheat Code:468-555-0100

Get a different selection of weapons
Cheat Code:486-555-0150

Get a selection of weapons
Cheat Code:486-555-0100

Raise wanted level
Cheat Code:267-555-0150

Remove wanted level
Cheat Code:267-555-0100

Restore armor
Cheat Code:362-555-0100

Restore health, armor and ammo
Cheat Code:482-555-0100

Song information
Cheat Code:948-555-0100

Spawn a Cognoscenti
Cheat Code:227-555-0142

Spawn a Comet
Cheat Code:227-555-0175

Spawn a Jetmax
Cheat Code:938-555-0100

Spawn a Sanchez
Cheat Code:625-555-0150

Spawn a SuperGT
Cheat Code:227-555-0168

Spawn a Turismo
Cheat Code:227-555-0147

Spawn an Annihilator
Cheat Code: 359-555-0100

Spawn a FIB Buffalo
Cheat Code:227-555-0100

Spawn an NRG-900
Cheat Code:625-555-0100

Grand Theft Auto IV Entitlements

The following entitlements can be unlocked in Grand Theft Auto IV on the PlayStation 3 video game console. Complete the indicated task to unlock associated entitlements.

Friendship Bonuses
By gaining friendship with the following people can benefit you in many ways.

50 Percent off for all Clothing Stores
Get 80 percent relationship status with Alex.

Boom? (Call Packie for him to make you a car bomb.)
Gain 75 percent friendship with Packie.

Chopper Ride (He will pick you up in his helicopter.)
Gain 70percent friendship with Brucie.

Discount Guns (Buy weapons at a cheaper price from Lil Jacob.)
Gain 60 percent friendship with Little Jacob.

Extra Help (A car of gang members will be sent to help you out.)
Gain 60 percent friendship with Dwayne.

Free Ride (Call for a taxi)
Gain 60 percent friendship with Roman.

Health Boost (Call Carmen and select "Health Boost.")
Get 80 percent Relationship Status with Carmen.

Remove Up to 3 Wanted Stars (Call Kiki and select "Remove Wanted.")
Get 80 percent relationships status with Kiki.

Annihilator Helicopter
Kill all 200 Flying Rats.

Rastah Color Huntley SUV
Complete 10 package delivery missions.

Remove Ammo Limit
Get 100 percent  completion.

Grand Theft Auto IV Hints and Tips

Easy money
Find an ATM, cause a traffic jam and block the roads so that an ambulance can't get through. Let a person or two get money from the ATM and then kill them. Pick up the money, walk away, return and the money will be there. You can repeat this sequence.

Get a Statue of Liberty T-shirt
While walking, go to the Statue of Liberty ascend to the second floor, where you will see a door. Go through it, and the game will load. When you come back through the door, you will have on a new shirt.

Repairing the engine
Call 911 if your car does not work and it will start.

Map Locations
Enter the following password into the in-game computers: Note that this URL will work on in-game computers only. Use the password for weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt and entertainment locations.

Grand Theft Auto IV Easter Eggs

The Heart of Liberty City
When you have access to Happiness Island, find the helicopter tours and take a helicopter. Fly the helicopter to the Statue Of Liberty and jump out at the statue's feet. When you land, you will be at statue's feet on a platform. Go around the platform until a door appears with signs on both sides that states: "No Hidden Content Here." Go through the door, and you will find a tall ladder; climb it. At the top, you will see the heart beating between chains.

Two bits!
Drive a car into a large traffic jam. Blow the horn once to do a "shave and a haircut." Another car should do the "two bits." Ensure that you pay attention; another driver in the game can also do this.

More Cheat Codes

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