Grand Theft Auto Hot Coffee Mod - Sex Mini-Game

Learn About the Hot Coffee Mod Download in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Rockstar Games

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC the developers wrote a piece of code, a Hot Coffee mini-game which would allow your character to perform virtual sex acts with your virtual girlfriend within the game. However, they locked the content so that during normal gameplay, it could never be seen or accessed in any way.

In the original releases of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the code remained, albeit locked and unknown to most gamers. The Hot Coffee Mod was released in 2005, enabling access to the mini-game. The discovery of the Hot Coffee mod created a scandal.

If your copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was manufactured on or after the fourth quarter of 2005, then the code has been removed, and the mods will not work. Also, if you have updated your PC version of the game, chances are the mods will not work either as one of the patches from the developer disables the code.

What Did the Hot Coffee Mod Do? And Why Hot Coffee?

The Hot Coffee Mod basically adds another set of missions that the main character, CJ has to go through. These missions involve dating his girlfriends. In the game, you can have up to six girlfriends. By improving your relationships with your girlfriends, you can eventually end the date with sexual acts. It is important to note that if hackers had not modified the code, these mini-games would not be available to the public.

So why call it Hot Coffee? It is widely accepted that the term 'coffee' in this case is simply a euphemism for sex. At the end of a good date, CJ's girlfriend will ask if he's like to come in for 'coffee,' where a mini-sex game ensues. By successfully 'dating' your girlfriends, you can earn special upgrades within the game, such as weapons and vehicles. Without the Hot Coffee Mod, the player will just hear some noises and see the house from the exterior while CJ and his girlfriend have coffee. With the mod, the whole thing turns into a mini-sex game.

How Graphic is the Content in the Hot Coffee Mod?

On both PC and Xbox, the whole concept of what is going on is indeed crude and for mature audiences, There is nothing to see except some pixelated characters going through the motions of intercourse. It wouldn't be appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was originally released with a Mature rating so any child with a responsible parent wouldn't be playing the game anyhow. The rating has since been changed to Adult Only, even though the following DVDs that were printed did not have the X-rated material on the disc.

Are You Sure the Developer Added the Hot Coffee Mod?

If you could only perform these sexual mini-games on the Xbox and PC through the use of downloadable game modifications, the answer might be no. However, the Hot Coffee Mod can also be unlocked through the use of Action Replay, a cheat device which simply adds specific codes to the game to alter what the developers already have there. So in this case, it was something added by the developer.

The Xbox Hot Coffee Mod will require the use of a modchip to be installed. The PlayStation 2 version Hot Coffee Codes can only be used with Action Replay or Gameshark as linked. The files below are not suitable for children of any age.