"Grand Theft Auto 3" Cheats for the PC

Cheats to change the weather, make flying cars, and much more

Grand Theft Auto III (PC)
Grand Theft Auto III (PC). Rockstar Games

Released in 2002 for the PC by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto III (buy on Amazon.com) is an open-world adventure played from the third person perspective set in the fictional Liberty City from the GTA series.


Cheat codes for "GTA 3" are entered during gameplay by typing in the cheat you would like to activate. Codes are not case-sensitive.

Gameplay Cheats

Cheat CodeEffect
GUNSGUNSGUNSUnlock all weapons
TURTOISE (or TORTOISE in version 1.1)Full armor
SKINCANCERFORMESet weather to clear
CHITTYCHITTYBBEnable flying cars
ANICESETOFWHEELSEnable visibility through vehicles
BANGBANGBANGDestroy nearby cars
CORNERSLIKEMADImprove handling
GIVEUSATANKSpawn Rhino (tank)
MOREPOLICEPLEASEIncrease Wanted level
NOPOLICEPLEASEDecrease Wanted level
TIMEFLIESWHENYOUFaster time/gameplay
NASTYLIMBSCHEATEnable graphic gore


Pedestrian Cheats

Cheat CodeEffect
ITSALLGOINGMAAADPedestrians go crazy
NOBODYLIKESMEPedestrians attack
WEAPONSFORALLPedestrians all have weapons


Weather Cheats

Cheat CodeEffect
ILIKESCOTLANDSet weather to foggy level 1
ILOVESCOTLANDSet weather to foggy level 2
PEASOUPSet weather to foggy level 3


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