Cheats for "Grand Theft Auto 2" on PS1

You haven't fully experienced GTA 2 until you've tried these cheats

Game disc and cover of Grand Theft Auto 2 for Playstation

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You can get more from Grand Theft Auto 2, one of the hallmark games of the Grand Theft Auto series, using the cheat codes and tips below. Dust off your PS1 and relive a classic.


To activate the following cheats, enter the code in the player name field when you start playing. You can only enter one code for each game — or so it would appear.

You can enter multiple cheats by returning to the player name entry screen, deleting the previous cheat code, and entering a different code. This allows you to unlock multiple cheats for a single game and can be repeated for each cheat code.

  • NAVARONE - Unlock all weapons.
  • NOFRILLS - Debug basic scripts.
  • WUGGLES - Display location coordinates.
  • HIGHFIVE - Apply a 5x multiplier.
  • LIVELONG - Become invincible.
  • ITSALLUP - Unlock all levels, allow level selection.
  • LOSEFEDS - No police.
  • BIGSCORE - Get 1 million points.
  • IGNITION - Activate turbo mode.
  • BSTARD - Unlock all weapons, ammunition, locations, and unlimited health.
  • BLOWME - Police always find you.
  • DESIRES - Set wanted level to 4.
  • MUCHCASH - Get extra cash.
  • IAMPLAYA - Get unlimited cash.

The following cheats can be activated while in debug mode and pressing buttons on controller two:

  • Square - Get $100,000 cash.
  • Circle - Clear your wanted level.
  • Select - Toggle display of location coordinates.
  • L1 or L2 or R1 - Toggle gang popularity, each button corresponds to a specific gang.

Game Music

You can listen to music from GTA 2 by playing the game CD and skipping the first track. 

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