Grand Theft Auto 2 PlayStation Cheats Guide

Unlock all weapons, change your wanted level, and more

Cars and police cars in Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 2 is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games in 1999. Its plot revolves around seven ruthless gangs involved in a power struggle in the town of "Anywhere, USA." Unlike later GTA games, it's playing from a top-down perspective. It also added some new features to the series, like an improved save system, side missions, and the ability to do missions for the separate gangs. If you need some help with taking over the criminal underworld, we have some cheats below.

Grand Theft Auto 2 PlayStation Cheats

You can activate the following cheats by entering them in the player name field. You can enter multiple cheats by returning to the player name entry screen, deleting the previous cheat code, and entering a different one. This allows you to activate multiple cheats for a single game.

Cheat Code Effect
NAVARONE Unlock all weapons.
NOFRILLS Debug basic scripts.
WUGGLES Display location coordinates.
HIGHFIVE Apply a 5x multiplier.
LIVELONG Become invincible.
ITSALLUP Unlock all levels, allow level selection.
LOSEFEDS No police.
BIGSCORE Get 1 million points.
IGNITION Activate Turbo mode.
BSTARD Unlock all weapons, ammunition, locations, and unlimited health.
BLOWME Police always find you.
DESIRES Set wanted level to 4.
MUCHCASH Get extra cash.
IAMPLAYA Get unlimited cash.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Debug Mode Cheat Codes

The following cheats can be activated while in Debug mode and pressing buttons on controller two:

Cheat Code Effect
Square Get $100,000 cash.
Circle Clear your wanted level.
Select Toggle display of location coordinates.
L1, L2, or R1 Toggle gang popularity. Each button corresponds to a specific gang.