GPU Observer Gadget Review

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If you want a GPU monitoring gadget that updates frequently and shows you everything you might want to know about the current state of your video card, then you'll love GPU Observer.

The GPU Observer gadget works equally well in Windows 7 and in Windows Vista.

  • Clear and simple display of GPU temperature and other values

  • Majority of popular video cards supported

  • Easy stats saving via "Dump File" button in options

  • No supporting program required to feed values

  • No size options

  • No simultaneous multi-card display support


  • GPU Observer gadget primarily shows your current GPU temperature.
  • If supported by your card, the gadget will also show PCB temperature, fan speed, GPU load, VPU load, memory load, and system clock speeds.
  • GPU Observer supports most NVIDIA and AMD/ATI video cards.
  • The GPU Observer gadget has no size options but does support several skin colors.
  • Multiple cards are supported but must be manually selected from within the options.
  • GPU Observer "Dump File" button automatically exports statistics to a text file for easy documentation.

Thoughts on GPU Observer Gadget

GPU Observer is your best choice for a GPU monitoring gadget for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. It's easy to read, highly customizable, and should fit in well with any other well-designed gadget on your desktop.

The core purpose of GPU Observer is to display your GPU's temperature. As long as you have a supported GPU, the temperature display will work just fine. The other optional data will display only if your video card reports these values. Fan speed, GPU load, and memory load are probably the most commonly reported.

On that note, one of the best things about GPU Observer is that no third party software is required to display all of this data. With many monitoring gadgets, system information can only be displayed if it's relayed the information from a completely different program, which can be annoying, to say the least. With GPU Observer, all you have to have is the driver installed, a necessity to use your video card in the first place.