GoPro's New Camera Specializes in First Person View Flying

The Hero10 Black Bones can capture video up to 4K resolution at 60 FPS

GoPro has launched the HERO10 Black Bones, a new camera similar to its flagship HERO10 Black but with a lighter form factor.

According to GoPro, the Black Bones camera has been designed to weigh only 54 grams so that it can be easily placed on top of drones for First Person View (FPV) camerawork. It can also be connected to a drone's battery to extend its life so long as it meets the drone's specifications. Other features include the HyperSmooth functionality and the ReelSteady desktop app.

GoPro HERO10 BlackBones


The FPV videos GoPro is referring to are those viral videos of a drone flying through an area in a single shot. They point specifically to the Tesla Giga Factory tour and bowling alley video by YouTuber jaybyrdfilms as examples of this stunning camerawork.

To ensure this quality, the Black Bones camera can capture 4:3 video at 4K resolution and 60 FPS or 5K at 30 FPS. It can also capture super slow-motion video at 2.7K resolution and 120 frames per second. The device's enclosure is also well ventilated for continuous cooling on long flights.

HERO10 Black Bones angle


Flying through the air on a drone will be a bumpy ride, so the Black Bones comes with the HyperSmooth feature to help stabilize the video. The camera even comes with the recently announced GoPro Player + ReelSteady desktop app for professional-grade editing and reframing.

The HERO10 Black Bones is currently available in the US, with no indication if the camera will launch in other countries. You can buy it for $399.99 with a GoPro Subscription for one year or $499.99 without the subscription.

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