Google's New Pixel Tablet Releases With Free Charging Speaker Dock

It starts at $500 and is already available for preorder

Google just revealed an update to the Pixel Tablet at today’s I/O conference, and it boasts plenty of high-tech bells and whistles.  

The refresh features an 11-inch HD display, four speakers, and an aluminum enclosure with a nano-ceramic coating that the company says is “cool to the touch.” As for specs, the tablet includes a proprietary Tensor G2 chip, the same one found in Google Pixel 7 smartphones, and is packed with software to take advantage of this chipset.

Google Pixel Tablet


The tablet is filled with "personal AI" to integrate the company's various apps with its renewed focus on artificial intelligence. It also boasts improved voice recognition software for dictation, with the company saying the new algorithm works up to three times faster than typing via the on-screen keyboard.

The fingerprint sensor has gotten an update to make it speedier, which is always nice, and the Google Home app received a visual overhaul to take advantage of the increased screen real estate. 

The coolest part of this tablet might not be the tablet at all, as it ships with a brand-new speaker dock. The dock is available on its own for $130 but is free when you buy a tablet. Google teased "room-filling sound" and a pleasing form factor. The tablet automatically transforms into a smart display when attached to the dock, so you can still use it to control smart home automation, access entertainment, and more. 

The new Pixel Tablet is available for preorder right now, starting at $500, and is available in a trio of colors (Porcelain, Hazel, and Rose). The device ships next month. 

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