Google's New Nest Aware Pricing Model Gives and Takes

Nest Aware is simplifying its pricing and changes up recording options

Nest camera owners need to decide if they want to keep their original event recording deal or switch to Google's new plan, which offers one price for all cameras, but trims back on some recording access.

Nest Aware

Google Nest is rolling out Nest Aware subscription service changes it promised last year that simplify their offerings, but also changes the pricing and recording options in ways some users might not appreciate.

The good news: If you own more than one Nest camera, say a Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam Indoor, you now pay one monthly fee for all cameras. The original plan made you pay more for each new camera. Pricing now starts at $6 a month for 30 days of event history. Nest Cameras can detect sound, motion, and people, and will record each instance as an event that you can view on the mobile app or on your computer.

The less good news: While covering more cameras for one price could save you money, those with one camera who were paying $5 or $10 a month will now pay a little more ($6 or $12 a month).

New recording paradigm: Instead of offering five days of 24/7 video recording playback (all the video is stored in Google's cloud), the base plan now offers only event history, but expands the recording history to 30 days. The $12 tier offers double the event history recording and adds 10 rolling days of 24/7 video history playback

There's more: The new plan allows the system to use sound detection on all your Nest cameras and Google Nest Speakers to listen for smoke detector alarms and alert you through the app when an alarm goes off.

What should you do: Google is not forcing anyone to switch. If you're already a Nest Aware subscription customer, you can leave everything alone and still pay the same price. If you want to switch, you'll have to switch your Nest account to Google.

Bottom line: Ultimately, Google's Nest consumers may appreciate this simplified Nest Aware pricing approach. Just remember that, even without a Nest Aware subscription, Google Nest Cams and app will show you still photos of activity for the last three hours of activity.


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