Google’s Latest Search Updates Make It Easier to Find the Food You Want

Even if you don't know what it is yet

A new Google search update makes finding a particular meal almost as simple as figuring out the name of a song.

Now you have two more ways to try and figure out what you're eating and where to get more of it—as well as hunt down a particular dish you might be craving—with a Google search. The updates take advantage of Google's new "multisearch near me" function, which builds off of multisearch with an image and text query combination.

Searching for food with Google Lens


If you've ever had some food put in front of you and thought "I wonder what this is" with a "where can I get more of this" follow-up, it's time to pull up Google Lens. The first of the new functions gives you the option to snap a photo of what you're about to eat, add "near me" to your search, and Google will identify the meal—as well as nearby locations that sell it. Though you may have to ask for the name yourself if you decide to search partway through eating (since what's left on your plate may not be as easily identifiable).

Searching for nearby comfort food


Similarly, if you already know the name of a dish and you have a hankering, you can now search for it by name to receive results with close-by purchasing options. Google also says that these food searches will turn up additional information, such as ingredients.

All of these Google search features are available now in the US and in English, though no mention has been made of other regions or languages yet. You can use them either through the Google mobile app (which also offers Google Lens) or through a regular Google search on your smartphone.

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