Google's Fuchsia Operating System Set to Roll Out Soon

A new kind of OS

Google’s highly anticipated Fuchsia operating system is being released on its first device—the Google Nest Hub. 

According to 9to5Google, owners of the first-generation Nest Hub can soon update their system to Fuchsia. The update will not change the functionality or the user experience of the Nest Hub device. 

Google Nest Hub

Justin Sullivan / Staff

The Fuchsia update reportedly is rolling out over the coming months before becoming available to all Nest Hub device owners. Right now, the Google Nest Hub uses the Cast OS, which is Google’s Linux-based operating system. 

Fuchsia, Google’s open-source operating system, has been in the works since 2016. 9to5Google reports that Google is hoping Fuchsia will become a unifying OS that can run on almost any device, including phones, laptops, and smart home devices.

Fuchsia OS would be an addition to Google’s other operating systems, namely Android OS and Chrome OS, except that, unlike those systems, Fuchsia OS is not based on Linux. 

According to Android Police, Fuchsia OS uses Magenta kernel, which works on embedded devices, smartphones, and desktop computers by adding first-class user-mode support and a capability-based security model. 

The update will not change the functionality or the user experience of the Nest Hub device. 

Google seems to be prioritizing updating and improving its OS systems lately. Last week, Google announced during its Google I/O event that it’s teaming up with Samsung to merge their operating systems for smartwatches. The merged OS will feature improved battery life, faster loading times for apps, and smoother animations.

The tech giant also introduced exciting updates coming to its Android smartphones in the Android 12 operating system. The public beta version of the operating system is now available to select Google Pixel phones and includes new features like better notification settings, more personalization options for your phone’s theme and design, and a new Privacy Dashboard that will show users the permissions that their apps have. 

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