Google Wants You to Use Its New Drive for Desktop App

Backup and Sync users have until October to switch

Google is now warning users to make the transition to Drive for Desktop before Backup and Sync stops working later this year.

Google initially launched Drive for Desktop back in February, setting it up to replace both Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream. While the latter has already been completely sunset, according to Android Central, Google has finally announced plans to shutter Backup and Sync on October 1. This gives users just a few short months to make the transition to the new app.

Google Drive apps on desktop, mobile, and tablet


Drive for Desktop is meant to act as a complete replacement for the systems already supported in Backup and Sync and File Stream, while bringing both the personal and business-focused components of Google Drive. This is part of an ongoing push by Google to pull a lot of its apps together into a more unified experience—something we’ve also seen with the push for Google Workspace.

Google also shared a timeline for the transition to Drive for Desktop. Starting on July 19, Backup and Sync users will be able to make use of a guided flow system that Google says should make the transition to the new application easier.

On August 18, Backup and Sync users will start to receive in-product notifications about the transition. Finally, on October 1, Google says it will disable all ability to sign into Backup and Sync. To continue using Drive or Google Photos, users will need to complete the transition to Drive for Desktop.

Google Drive for Desktop app


Drive for Desktop will be available for all Google Workspace users, including G Suite Basic and Business customers, as well as those with personal Google Accounts

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