Google TV Updates OS for Faster, More Powerful Streaming—What to Know

There is also a new storage management tab

Google has consistently updated its dedicated TV app in the two years since its launch, but these updates usually add more features or increase device integration. 

Now the company is finally addressing overall performance, as the search engine giant just released a Google TV update that includes a number of stability, performance, and UI fixes. This is good news for those relying on the service for streaming since lag and slow app loading, among other problems, are chief complaints. 

Google TV

Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

The update includes several "under the hood" improvements. Not to get too deep in the tech here, but memory requirements for certain UI elements have been drastically reduced, cache management has been overhauled, and the CPU has been optimized for Google TV devices.  

The result? A smoother overall experience with reduced lag and quicker loading of apps and tabs, such as the For You tab. Devices also boot up faster now, heading to the home screen without any stutter or lag. And Google says streaming content should be "more stable" and "move a little faster." 

These fixes even extend to profiles for kids. It should now take less time to switch to a child's profile and start browsing through the content, in addition to reducing latency when starting an app. 

This version also includes a new Free Up Storage menu that lets you prune unnecessary apps and content, which should help optimize performance. Google TV, after all, allows access to over 10,000 apps. 

Google TV's latest update has already started rolling out, but you may have to wait a little bit before it reaches your specific device. 

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