Google TV to Add Watchlists and Personalized Profiles

Also, personal recommendations

Google TV will soon add the ability for users to create personalized profiles, including separate watchlists, recommendations, and more.

Viewers who rely on Google TV soon will be able to make use of personalized watchlists, recommendations, and personal profiles, according to The Verge. Previously, Google TV would let users log in to multiple Google accounts, but still based all the suggestions, watchlist features, and Google Assistant functions on the main account.

Google TV on a monitor in living area


Google originally announced personalized profiles in early October. However, now Google told The Verge that Profiles will start rolling out next month to Chromecast with Google TV and TVs from TCL and Sony that include Google TV built-in.

Google also said it would allow apps and credentials to be used across different profiles to make it easier for users to access things. Additionally, Google will start offering cards in ambient mode that you can glance at to see personalized suggestions and results.

The updates bring the ability to have information like news, weather, sports stats, podcasts, and other information designed for you. Shortcuts for podcasts, photos, and music also will be available on the screen, making it easy to access the apps that matter most to you.

Multiple accounts on Google TV


Google hasn’t said precisely when next month the update will arrive, but at least users have something to look forward to with the future of Google TV.

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