Google TV Now Has Over 800 Free Live TV Channels, Makes Navigation Easier

All nestled in the Live tab

Google TV is expanding its programming slate with more live TV content and an improved Live Tab.

If you've been hoping to get more out of your live TV experiences through Google TV, now is the time to log back in and check it out. Google is streamlining the way you access live shows and content on the platform, both with more channels and more user-friendly organization.

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Along with currently-available live channel offerings such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and so on, Google is also adding Haystack News, Plex, and Tubi to the roster—accessible directly from the Live tab. Additionally, it's releasing its own built-in live channels, though as of yet, the names and subjects these new Google channels contain haven't been revealed.

Beyond the added content, Google is also making it easier to find something to watch or to return to one of your preferred shows. A newly integrated TV guide promises to turn the Live tab into *the* place to find whatever you're in the mood for, including over-the-air channels you need a premium subscription to view. And if there's a particular show or channel you want to revisit, mark it as a Favorite to keep it at the top of your guide.

Google TV free live TV expansion

These Google TV updates should be rolling out today for US users, along with Google TV-supporting devices like Sony and Philips sets, Chromecast, etc.

The same updates are also expected to come to Android TV at an unspecified point later this year.

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