Google TV 'Continue Watching' Lists Soon to Be Adjustable

Users can manually de-clutter their list

Google TV has begun letting some users curate their "Continue Watching" lists, making it easier to get back to the shows they want to watch or hide the content they don't want to finish.

Reddit user Alfatango97 pointed out that Google TV was leaving films and shows in the Continue Watching list, even if they were finished, making it difficult to keep watching other content. Now, after contacting Google to bring the issue to light, the option to Hide media in the Continue Watching list has begun appearing for some users.

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As 9to5Google points out, the ability to hide movies and shows you don't want to see any longer is an existing feature for Android TV, but this is a first for Google TV.

While Android TV uses a pop-up, Chrome TV uses a menu selection function via a long-press on the remote's center button while highlighting a specific entry's card. This opens a secondary menu with an option to hide the selected video.

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With the rollout still underway, there's no concrete information on which devices will be able to use the feature or when it will be more widely available yet. It's confirmed on the new Chromecast and assumed for compatible Sony TVs, but 9to5Google has yet to access the function on any of the devices it has tested.

Google also has remained silent on the Google TV update, providing no information on which devices will be supported and no additional details on when it will be made more widely available.

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