Google Translate Can Now Transcribe Foreign Languages in Real Time

The Android app can now translate and transcribe up to eight different languages

Why This Matters:

Google language AIs can already do some pretty impressive conversational work. Transcribing foreign languages could be a cool way of capturing and sharing important information, without losing tedious translation time.

Google Translate can now translate and transcribe foreign languages as they’re spoken. The company announced the app update in a blog post on Tuesday.

So, it’s multi-lingual: Google Translate can translate and transcribe English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Seems familiar: Google's been honing its transcription skills with its Recorder app, which it first launched on the Pixel 4 last year. It does real time transcription, but only for English speakers.

Google Translate
Google Translate.  Google

There are limits: For now, it’s only available on Google Translate for Android. No word on when the update will come to iOS. In addition, Google is recommending quiet environments and says that the app will always try to “provide the gist of what's being said.”

The magic of translation: To access the new transcription feature, users need to either download the app or get the latest update from the Google Play Store. You select the source and target language and then tap the new transcribe button.

Bottom line: Google has wowed us in the last few years with its AI’s ability to do live person-to-person translation with apps and its translating Pixel Buds. Translating and transcribing what people say is the next logical step.

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