Google to Offer Discounted Pixel Phones for Low Income Households

In partnership with Q Link Wireless

Modern smartphones are amazing feats of engineering and technology, but they have also ballooned in price to $1,000 or more, putting them out of reach for many people. 

To that end, Google has teamed up with affordable broadband provider Q Link Wireless to offer the brand new Pixel 6a at a deep discount to low-income households throughout the country. The smartphone will be available for just $250 for qualifying customers, which is hundreds of dollars less than the suggested retail price. 

Pixel 6A colors and stones


As a bonus, the two organizations are also throwing in a tablet for just $10, but the exact model is unknown. 

To qualify for this discount, you have to be enrolled in a federal program that lowers the price of Internet service, such as Lifeline or the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP.) It is through these programs that Q Link Wireless operates, offering free Internet and phone service to those struggling. 

"This phone will find its way to the hands of a future scientist in a broken home, to the hands of a young producer with dreams bigger than him, or maybe even the hands of the future president," wrote a representative for Q Link Wireless. 

It has long been proven that households with incomes below $30,000 a year have reduced access to newer technologies. Around forty percent of these households do not have broadband services, a laptop, or a home computer. 

Additionally, the majority of low-income Americans do not own a tablet. Each of these technologies is common in households above that yearly income metric. 

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