Google to Make 2FA Default for Millions of Users

Password Manager will also have new capabilities

Google has announced plans to automatically enroll 150 million users into its two-factor authentication (2FA) security system by the end of the year.

The move to make 2FA default was introduced back in May and has been steadily making headway. The company also will require 2 million YouTube creators to turn on 2FA to access its Studio website to boost security. Chrome Password Manager also is becoming available for iOS, giving those users new security features like auto-filling passwords, according to a post on Google's Safety & Security blog, The Keyword.

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For users who can’t enable 2FA, Google is working on a new technology that offers a similar secure authentication process. The company’s goal is to reduce people’s reliance on passwords over time.

Google’s Password Manager on iOS allows users to select their Chrome app and autofill passwords on other apps. In addition, iPhone owners now can enter the password with one tap, instead of having to remember and type in each password on every app.

The company also has plans to include the Chrome app’s password generation feature for all iOS apps, but didn’t state when.

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Lastly, Password Manager now allows users to access every password saved on the tool from the Google app menu to make the browsing experience smoother and safer.

Although 2FA will be made default, users still can disable the feature by going to their account settings and turning it off. Google provides instructions on how to do this.

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