Google to Add Free Channels to Google TV & Chromecast

It could happen as soon as this fall

It looks like Google is planning to bring free streaming channel options to Chromecast and Google TV in the near future.

Protocol reports that Google TV, Chromecast, and select smart TVs from Sony, TCL, and others likely will add free streaming channels to their lineup soon (-ish). Several industry insiders are saying that Google has been meeting with ad-supported free streaming channels lately. This could possibly result in free channels popping up in the rotation as early as this fall, though Protocol points out the announcement could be held until early 2022.

Chromecast lineup


There are already a number of free streaming channels available, but until they actually partner with Google they won't be watchable through Google TV, itself. Much like commercial TV stations, these free streaming services circumvent the need for a subscription via ads. So the trade-off would be the occasional program break that you likely won't be able to skip.

Chromecast dongle


The speculation at Protocol is that, once available, you'll be able to browse through a dedicated free channel menu on Chromecast. As for smart TVs, the expectation is that the free additions will be available along with regular broadcast stations. None of this has been confirmed by Google as of yet, though.

Without official word from Google, when or even if these ad-supported streaming channels will be available on Google TV or Chromecast is up in the air. The hope is that it will happen either this fall or when Google announces its smart TV partners toward the beginning of 2022.

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