Google Now Highlights and Links to In-Page Results on Search Pages

Page snippets show in results and take you to the spot on the web page

A Google search result is a good indicator that you'll find what you want on a web page, but this new format cuts out the confusion by showing you exactly where the results appear and gets you there faster by linking directly to that spot.

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Google is making a subtle but important change to your search results. Web page highlights at the top of your results may now include and link directly to a featured snippet from inside that page. The change was discovered by Search Engine Land and later confirmed by Google.

What's new: Google search results have, with Featured Snippets, long highlighted Web pages at the top of your results to indicate the best match or information for your query. Now the results may also include information from the page that shows exactly where your relevant information appears. Those results are still, by the way, selected by Google's automated system.

Wait, there's more: If you click on that top result, you could end up exactly where on the page that information appears, and it could be highlighted in yellow. Google Books results have long used a similar format that brings you directly to the relevant information, always highlighted in yellow, in a pages-long book.

A long project: Previously, the feature only worked for Google's AMP pages (web pages generated by Google's system for things like news stories from other sites). Google spent two years working on bringing this feature to basic search results.

Where does it work: Google said it should work with regular HTML pages, which means web masters don't have to do a thing to support it.

Where can I see it: The Featured Snippets update should work on any desktop or mobile Google search result. However the update appears to be roiling out slowly. failed to find a single result with the new pulled content, direct link, and highlighting.

Via: Search Engine Land

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