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Save big money with these Google Store deals

The Google Store has deals often, especially around the holidays, but year-round as well.

Google currently has deals on Chromecast and several Nest products. Black Friday deals include discounts for Pixel phones, Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds, Nest Hub, and more.

Up to $150 Off Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7


Google's latest Pixel phones are on sale for Black Friday.

You can save $150 on the Pixel 7 Pro. It has a 6.7" screen, more memory than the standard Pixel 7, uses the company's newest high-end processor, and has a higher storage option so you can keep more photos, music, apps, etc. on your phone.

You can also save $100 on the 6.3" Pixel 7. It also uses the new Google Tensor G2 processor, has the same 50MP wide-angle camera as the Pro model, and you can record video up to 4K.

If you're not interested in the latest Pixel device, you can still grab the Pixel 6a with its $150 Black Friday price cut.

These deals end November 28, 2022.

$35 Off Pixel Buds A-Series

Pixel Buds A-Series


Google's Pixel Buds in-ear headphones are tied in directly with Google Assistant on your Pixel, so you can do things like start and control your music, read messages, and get real-time translations right in your ear without pulling out your phone.

These earbuds have up to five hours of listening time (up to 24 hours with the charging case), include beamforming mics like the Pixel Buds Pro (also on sale), support real-time translations, and can be controlled by touch to play/pause music, answer calls, and trigger Google Assistant.

You can grab a pair for $35 off the regular price. They're available in Charcoal, Dark Olive, and Clearly White.

This deal ends November 28, 2022.

Pixel Buds work for iOS devices, too, including any device that supports Bluetooth 4.0+. However, only Assistant-enabled Android 6.0+ devices can take advantage of the Assistant features.

Up to $80 Off Fitbit Wearables

Fitbit Luxe Tracker
Fitbit Luxe Tracker.


The Google-owned Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch and Fitbit Charge 5 tracker are on sale a little while longer.

The smartwatch includes over 40 exercise modes, GPS, 6-month Fitbit Premium membership, and a Daily Readiness Score to see if you’re ready for a workout or a recovery day. The Charge 5 is a fitness and health tracker that helps you "make the best decisions for your body, mind, and health."

The Versa 4 is $80 off, while the Charge 5 tracker is $50 off.

These deals end November 28, 2022.

$50 Off Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

nest hub 2nd gen


Google 2021 Nest Hub is a hybrid Google Home and tablet that lets you connect to other Google services like your calendar events, YouTube videos, photos, Nest camera and doorbell, and more.

While there is a larger model, this display still lets you watch YouTube videos and view Google Photos on a 7" LCD touchscreen. Unlike the Nest Hub Max, this one doesn't have a camera, but it does include Sleep Sensing, which is sleep tracking that uses motion and sound to monitor your sleep; it tracks when you go to bed, when you wake up, and how long you’ve slept.

Available in Chalk, Charcoal, Mist, and Sand colors, you'll save $50 with this deal.

This deal ends November 28, 2022.

$20 Off Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen


If you like to use your Pixel hands-free, you can't go wrong with Pixel Stand. It charges your phone wirelessly while providing a clear view of the screen, perfect for things like an alarm clock, Nest Hello video, or photo slideshow. It's like having a Nest Hub that you can pick up and take with you.

The Google Store is currently running a deal where you can get the 2nd-gen Pixel Stand at a $20 discount.

This deal ends November 30, 2022.

$50 Off Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch


Google's newest smartwatch can be had at a $50 discount during Black Friday 2022 sales. It includes 6 months of Fitbit Premium and YouTube Music Premium for new users.

Pixel Watch tracks sleep, steps, and workouts. The heart rate sensor is on all the time to give you a super accurate view. Google Assistant is built-in so you can say "Hey Google," or press the side button anytime you want to ask it a question or trigger an action, such as sending a text.

There's also a 4G LTE version, but this discount applies only to the Wi-Fi model. There are four color options.

This deal ends November 30, 2022.

$190 Off Nest Cam 4-pack

Nest camera


The battery-powered security camera "with smarts," as Google puts it, is on sale when you order four. It looks great wherever you put it, works inside and outside, and supports intelligent alerts. Plus, setting up a Nest cam is easy; there's an app for iOS and Android.

Google doesn't technically sell a 4-pack bundle, so you're really purchasing two 2-packs. There are also discounts for the single and 2-pack options.

This deal ends November 30, 2022.

$111 Off Nest Audio 2-pack

Picture of two Nest Audio speakers


Google's offering a discount if you order two Nest Audio speakers. Aptly dubbed the "room-filling audio package," you can pair two Nest Audio speakers together for surround sound or to beam audio between rooms.

If you're familiar with Nest speakers, you'll know you can use these to stream music, listen to podcasts, and more with a simple "Hey Google." Compared to Google Home, Nest Audio boasts improvements like better-sounding audio, Bluetooth 5.0, and more power.

There's also a discount available when you buy just one speaker.

You have several color choices: charcoal, sage, chalk, sand, and sky.

This deal ends November 30, 2022.

Chromecast with Google TV Deals

nest speakers with hub max and chromecast with google tv


Google currently has a few deals when you order a Chromecast with Google TV.

There's a discount when you order one by itself ($10 off HD or 4K model) or along with any of these products: 2 Nest Audio speakers and Nest Hub Max ($186 off); or Nest Hub Max ($75 off).

These deals end November 30.

Nest Doorbell Deals

Nest Doorbell covered in rain


Nest Doorbell is Google's smart video doorbell. Not only does it function as a regular doorbell that rings when someone presses the button, but you can also keep tabs on who is at the door with alerts and HD video streaming.

If you've been wanting to get yourself one of Google's doorbells, now might be the best time, especially if you're interested in bundling it with some of their other products.

It's currently discounted when you order one by itself ($60 off) or when bundled with Nest Hub (2nd gen) ($110 off); Nest Cam and Nest Hub Max ($185 off); or Nest Cam ($120 off).

These deals end November 30.

It's common for items in a bundle to be out of stock, so be sure to keep an eye out for what you're actually getting for that price before checking out.

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