Google Store Best Deals

Save big money with these Google Store deals

The Google Store has deals often, especially around the holidays but often year round as well.

Google currently has a deal on their Chromecast and smart speakers. Discounts are often offered for other popular products, too, so check back for updates.

If you're in the United States, most Google products come with free shipping when you spend $35 or more.

Save $24 on Chromecast and Google Home Mini Bundle

Google Home Mini and white Chromecast


You can order both a Chromecast and a Google Home Mini right now for $24 off, bringing the total price down to just $60.

Google's Chromecast device turns any HDTV into a smart TV where you can throw videos, music, pictures, and even your whole Android screen directly onto your TV. It's extremely portable and super easy to set up.

This is a great pair because while the Chromecast helps create a smart TV, the Google Home Mini lets you not only access online information instantly but also control what gets played on your TV through the Chromecast.

There isn't a promo code you need to enter at checkout to save on these devices; just pick a color for the Google Home Mini and Chromecast to bring the total price down to just $60.

This deal ends September 2, 2019.

Free Google Home Mini With a Qualifying Purchase

Google Home Mini and Nest Learning Thermostat

Who doesn't want a free Google Home Mini? You can get one today when you purchase a Nest Thermostat E or a Nest Learning Thermostat from the Google Store.

With these thermostats, you can avoid having to set the temperature yourself when you leave or come home because they use your phone's location to automatically adjust the thermostat depending on when you're home.

Or, maybe you want your house to be cooler at night and warmer in the morning. You can use your phone to schedule the thermostat to go up or down throughout the day depending on your preferences. 

To get one of these deals from Google, follow either link above (it has to be that link) to pick the color of your Google Home Mini and thermostat (the Nest Thermostat E comes in one color only). You'll pay full price for the other item but then get the Home Mini at no cost.

These deals end September 4, 2019.

Students Get 10% Off Select Products

If you have an account with StudentBeans, you can get 10% off select Google products. Just use your Google Store discount code during checkout to instantly receive a 10% discount.

This Google Store deal currently only applies to the Google HomeGoogle Home Mini, and Google Home Max. You have to register at StudentBeans to verify your student status.

Visit those links to see more information about how this works.