Google Search Tests Out AI Tools for More Accurate and Helpful Results

Search Labs testing begins today

A number of generative AI-driven tools are headed to Google Search, with public testing in the US opening up soon.

This year's Google I/O put AI at the forefront, and Google Search even got in on the action with several generative AI tools getting a reveal. Tools that Google says will "take more of the work out of searching" to save time, highlight important information, and make your tasks easier.

Search on big screen at Google I/O

Once ready, a question posed in Google Search will generate an AI-powered collection of what it determines to be relevant information, synopses, and links to sources. And if you need more details or want to get more specific, you can then ask follow-up questions—with context from your original query carrying over.

AI search snapshots will also work when you're looking for various products to purchase, with Search contextually supplying and highlighting a different set of details. Product snapshots will highlight information relevant to each item (battery life, durability, etc), along with pricing, recent customer reviews, and the like.

Multiple Google search prompts


These new search features will be going through open testing via SGE (Search Generative Experience) in Search Labs, which you can join the waitlist for starting today. SGE itself will be rolling out "in the coming weeks" in the US, in English only to start, for both Chrome and the Google App on Android and iOS. There is no word yet on when these AI tools will become publicly available, however.

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