Google Search Gets Dark Mode on Desktop

Finally, after months of testing, it's here

Google finally has added dark mode to its desktop search.

On Thursday, Google announced that it was finally bringing its Dark theme to Google Search Desktop. The feature already is available for some and will become available to the rest of the world over the coming weeks as it rolls out in a staggered release.

Google Search page with dark mode enabled


Dark theme has been available on Google Search Mobile for some time now, but this is the first time that Google officially has released a dark mode for the desktop version of its search pages. When enabled, the Dark theme completely replaces the usual white background of Google Search with a darker version which may be easier on the eyes for many users.

Users can enable the option from the appearance area of the Google Search Settings menu. When enabled it will turn dark mode on for the Google homepage, the search page, the search settings, and more. Some users have been able to activate dark mode thanks to a pop-up that appeared near the top of the search page, though the availability of this notification may vary from user to user.

Search Appearance Settings for Google Search


With Dark theme officially available on Google Search Desktop, users who prefer browsing the internet with light text on a dark background can now do so without having to jump through any hoops or installing extra plugins.

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