Google Rolls Out Fuchsia to First-Gen Nest Hub Devices

The new operating system makes its official debut

Google is silently rolling out the upgrade of its Fuchsia operating system for the first generation of Nest Hub devices.

Google has been quietly developing the Fuchsia operating system (OS) from the ground up as a non-Linux-based alternative to its current OS. Google confirmed to 9to5Google that the upgrade is coming with the new firmware update for its first-generation Nest Hub devices. Users should have it soon, if not already.

Kids below a Nest Hub device

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Previously, Nest Hub devices utilized Google Cast as the operating system. The differences between Cast and Fuchsia are so minimal that users might not even notice any changes. The user interface is still the same and so is booting the device. However, improvements in casting make it faster on the Fuchsia OS.

It appears that the similarities in performance are intentional as Google wanted to make the experience of using Fuchsia as seamless as possible.

Fuchsia was first released in a preview program back in May to help uncover any bugs or oversights that may have been missed during testing.

Nest Hub on a table

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Google provides instructions on how to check if you have the updated firmware, including a list of the firmware versions that feature the new Fuchsia OS.

It is currently unknown whether Google plans to keep Fuchsia exclusive to Nest Hub devices or migrate it over to other products. Cast OS has been replaced in Nest Hub devices, but still exists in other gadgets such as Chromecast.

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