Google Reveals Pixel Event for October 6 - What to Know

Phones, watches, and smart home hubs, oh my!

We all knew a Pixel smartphone refresh was coming, but now Google has officially announced a live-streaming event for October. 

The company is now sending out invites for its big fall hardware showcase, named Made by Google. This is both an in-person and live-streaming event, to be held in Brooklyn on October 6 at 10 AM EST. 

Made by Google Pixel


What's on the agenda? Thankfully, Google is being fairly transparent regarding the specifics of the upcoming showcase. It will formally reveal the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones and unveil the Google Pixel Watch. 

This is Google's first foray into the smartwatch space and was built from the ground up to integrate with the company's line of earbuds, smartphones, and Fitbit sensor devices. There will also be a brand new Google-designed OS specifically for wearables that should get a shoutout during the event. 

These devices were all teased at the company's I/O event earlier this year, but pricing, availability, and final designs should take center stage during October's hardware showcase. Additionally, Google says it will take the opportunity to reveal new items in the Nest line of smart home tools. 

There's also the possibility of a surprise or two, as Google has used previous showcase events to unveil new software and hardware, such as the Real Tone camera feature. Catch the official live stream here on October 6, or head over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and stand outside gruffly until they let you in (don't actually do that).

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