Google Releases Clock 7.1 With Multiple Face Styles

There's also a nifty stopwatch

Google’s Material You smartphone UI has another feather in its cap, thanks to a massive refresh to Google Clock. 

Released Wednesday for Android 12 Beta 5 users, Google Clock 7.1 brings a bevy of new clock widgets, face styles, and transparency options to smartphones and tablets. This latest iteration brings five clock styles, with each style allowing for numerous design tweaks, according to 9to5Google.

Google Clock 7.1

Mika Baumeister

For instance, the Analog clock style offers a full range of customization options, including a scalloped perimeter, current time stamps from around the world, and numerical markers that resemble what can be found with mechanical watches.

All of this can be mixed and matched at will using a long finger press, which should add to the notion that no two Android phones are alike. 

The company also added a brand new widget that allows users to place a stopwatch right on a phone’s wallpaper, so you won’t have to dive into a folder or open an app every time you want to run a lap or set a cooking timer. 

Version 7.1 of Google Clock is rolling out Wednesday on the Play Store with these brand new Material You widgets, though it may not be available in all parts of the world just yet.

The company also said Android 12 will exit beta and enter public release in just a few weeks.

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