Google Pumps $6.5M into COVID-19 Fact-Checking Efforts

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic starts with facts

The world turns to Google for information about the COVID-19 Pandemic and information related to it. Misinformation or difficultly finding the right information could lead to dangerous confusion.

Google Offices in Berlin
Adam Berry / Getty Images

Google will provide $6.5 million in funding to fact-checking organizations around the world that are focusing on the Coronavirus, the search giant announced in a blog post on Thursday.

What is Google doing: The company is spreading funds across a broad array of non-profit online information and news fact-checking organizations.

Getting ahead of fake news: Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have been working for weeks to deliver real-time pandemic updates and address COVID-19 misinformation. On Google, COVID-19-related searches instantly bring up dedicated help and information boxes that front-load relevant, local facts. However, fact-checking organizations like Snopes say they’ve been overwhelmed by the magnitude of demand.

Google’s perspective: In the blog post, Google notes, “Helping the world make sense of this information requires a broad response, involving scientists, journalists, public figures, technology platforms and many others.”

Bottom Line: Real medical information and updates have been in almost constant competition with fake news and remedies since the outbreak began in January. They have only accelerated since it became a full-blown pandemic. Google’s actions, like those of other tech giants, could ultimately mean searches for help result in providing real help, and not dangerous misinformation.

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