Google Protects Your Photos with Direct Sharing

You don't have to create a less secure link anymore

It’s a subtle shift, but removing the need to create a public link to share with others will keep your Google Photos much more secure.

Direct sharing in Google Photos

Google has finally given us the ability to share directly with other Google users in Shared Albums, like a similar feature the company added to one-off photos back in December. This will now be the default when sharing in Google Photos, superseding the "shared link" that was previously the main option.

You still have options: Google says you'll still be able to share albums with a link, which can then be embedded in email, text, or a web site for people without a Google account. You'll also be able to turn link sharing on or off, and decide whether you want people you've shared with to add photos to your albums. You can also remove folks, which will take anything they've contributed, as well.

Bottom line: Whether you use Google Photos to share single images or entire albums, it's nice to not have to worry if the link you've created to share with has been given out to anyone else. It's even better to know you can still use a link for those albums you DO want to pass along to people you might not know, yet, too. The new sharing rules are in place as of now.

Via: Forbes

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