Google Preps New Generative AI Tools For Workspace Apps Like Gmail and Docs

The bots will proofread, rewrite, summarize, and more

Never to be outdone by the pace of change, Google is stuffing its various Workspace apps with generative artificial intelligence (AI) to bring new features to the user base. 

The generative AI tools are being added to Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Chat, and Meet to serve various purposes. For instance, Google Slides will now auto-generate images, audio, and video to accompany slideshows when requested, all instigated by a handful of text prompts. 

Google Workspace


Gmail and Google Docs are perhaps the most commonly used Workspace apps, and they are getting a ton of new AI-assisted features. Google's proprietary language model (LaMDA 2) will be able to draft new emails, reply to outstanding messages, quickly summarize lengthy correspondences, and prioritize your inbox, among other tasks. 

On the Docs side of things, these tools will proofread documents for errors, write documents from scratch given several prompts, and rewrite pre-existing documents. Google also says the AI will help you "brainstorm" new document ideas. Just type a topic you want to write about and let the collaboration begin. 

The updated Google Meets uses AI to automatically generate meeting notes and unique video backgrounds, adding some spice to that daily group video call. 

Google says these generative AI features will continue improving as more people use them. With that in mind, the tools are rolling out in beta form this month to those enrolled in the company’s trusted tester program. After that, they will become available to consumers, businesses, and educational institutions worldwide. 

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