Google Podcasts App Redesigned, Now on iOS

New interface is set to help you discover and manage podcasts

Why this Matters

Lots of folks use podcasts as a way to stay informed and entertained, especially during the current pandemic. This is the first time Google's own Podcasts has been available as an iOS app.

Google Podcasts on an iPhone
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Google launched a redesigned Google Podcasts app, and it's also now available on iOS devices for the first time.

What's new: In addition to the iOS app, Google Podcasts for Web gets support for subscriptions. The app itself now sports three tabs: Home, Explore, and Activity. Home gets you a feed of new episodes, while giving you easy access to the shows you subscribe to. Tapping an episode to listen to gets you a list of topics or people mentioned in the 'cast, and you can quickly go to a Google Search about them from within the listing.

The Explore tab will show you new podcasts related to your interests, as well as lists of what's popular. You can even customize your personal recommendations directly from this Explore tab. The Activity tab will fill out with your history as you use the app, letting you hop back in and see what you've already listened to. Listening progress will sync across devices, too, whether you're on Android, iOS, or the web.

When can I get it: iOS users can download the new app today, and Android users will get the redesign sometime this week.

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