Google Play Store Gets Redesign for Wear OS

A preview of what's to come in Wear OS 3.0

Google released an updated Play Store for Wear OS ahead of the upcoming Wear OS 3.0. 

A Reddit user spotted the updated Google Play Store look earlier this week, posting photos of the new changes. 9to5Google notes that the new design looks less cramped on the watch’s small screen, thanks to the pill-shaped cards, and includes a bit more color to make the options stand out. 


Getty Images/Westend61

The new Play Store UI is reportedly rolling out to select users slowly before a wider rollout to all Wear OS devices. 

It’s all a part of the complete overhaul of Google’s smartwatch operating system coming later this year and announced at the Google I/O Conference in May. During the event, Google said that it is merging its smartwatch operating system with Samsung's to improve Google’s Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen-based software platform. These improvements will include better battery life, 30% faster loading times for apps, and smoother animations.

More customization options also will play a crucial part in how you use your Wear OS-powered smartwatch. In addition, the release of new tiles and personalization features will help bring that experience to users.

"At Samsung, we have long focused on creating the best possible connected experiences between Galaxy smartwatches and smartphones, working in perfect harmony together," Janghyun Yoon, an executive vice president at Samsung, wrote on the company’s website.

"This new platform is the next step in that mission, and we’re looking forward to giving consumers the best mobile experience.”

The last time Google did a Wear OS redesign was November 2019, when the company added My Apps, Accounts, and Settings at the bottom of the main page, rather than in a pulldown menu. 

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