The Google Play Store

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Definition: July 26, 2012

Google Play is the digital and multimedia content distribution channel of Google. This service includes an online store for books, music and movies; a cloud media player and an Android app store as well. Google Play is accessible from most Android and Google TV devices. Originally referred to as the Android Market, the new Google Play Store came into being in March 2012, after Google rebranded its entire digital distribution strategy, joining the Android Market and Google Music services to create one single platform, Google Play.

At the moment, free Google Play apps are accessible to users around the world, except Iran, while paid apps are available in 129 countries. These apps can be downloaded either directly from the device or through the Google Play Website. According to a statement made by Google in March 2012, there were over 450,000 apps available at the app store at that point of time.

For Android Developers

As on June 2012, Android app developers in 31 countries were permitted to distribute paid apps on Google Play. Developers seeking to feature their apps in this marketplace are required to pay $25 for registration.

Approved apps help the developer receive a 70 percent commission of the app price, via Google Checkout or Google AdSense. The rest of the 30 percent goes to the concerned carriers and payment processors. Google does not take a share of this revenue.

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    The Google Play app is not open source and only devices that comply with Google’s stipulations can install this app. This service installs apps via the device’s PackageManagerService. Downloaded apps are usually installed in the device’s internal storage, but in some cases, may also be installed onto an external storage card.


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