Google Play Is Sick of Annoying Ads, Too

They aren't going away, but they should be less intrusive

Google Play is implementing new advertising rules that should make in-app ads less irritating.

There are ways to limit the ads you have to deal with in your Android web browser, but managing ads for individual apps can be a lot trickier. While these often intrusive elements aren't going to be disappearing entirely, Google Play is in the process of making them less annoying.

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Inspired by Better Ads Standards for mobile platforms, the new rules aim to crack down on full-screen ads that appear in games and other Android apps. These ads will not be permitted to pop-up when the user is doing something else (i.e., appearing right at the start of a game's level or beginning of a video). They also won't be allowed to show up right before a game's loading screen.

Full-screen ads running longer than 15 seconds that can't be closed are being axed, too. Though ads that have been opted into or otherwise don't interrupt users (i.e., after viewing a game's score screen) are allowed to go past 15 seconds.

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It's important to note that these rules do not apply to all types of ads, though. For example, banner ads (which aren't full-screen), ads integrated into a video, or ads that don't interfere with usage aren't being restricted. And of course, any ads that users opt into, like ads you can watch to earn in-game rewards, are also not affected.

These new ad rules will go into effect starting September 30, 2022, and will apply to all new and existing apps.

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