Google Plans Major Revamp of iOS Apps

Apple users rejoice!

Google's suite of immensely popular smartphone apps has long been accused of feeling "off" while running on Apple devices, but that is about to change.

The search engine giant just announced it's in the midst of updating the design language of its apps to match the look and feel of iOS, according to a Twitter thread by lead app designer Jeff Verkoeyen.

Apple and Google

Brett Jordan

What will this look like in practice? The changes will be subtle in some aspects, such as featuring more rounded buttons to match iOS standardization, and more overt in others, with revamped banners, floating action buttons, bottom navigation tabs, and a lot more. The company has stated that the apps will retain "light branded touches" even after the overhaul.

The process has been time-consuming, due to the inherent differences between Google's user interface kit, SwiftUI, and Apple's proprietary UIKit. Google has yet to announce when the updates officially will roll out or whether or not they will be released gradually, app by app, or all at once.

Of course, Google already has been updating its apps to make the most out of newly added iOS features for iPhone and iPad users. Back in September 2020, the company added widget support for Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and the rest of its apps.

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